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The TNT Difference.


Safety and Image

All of our trailers are late model to new with all of the safety items up to date, inspected, safe to operate and look as new as a trailer can look. Many of our customers rent new trailers right off of the assembly line and those who rent a used one receive them as new looking as a used trailer can be. We take pride in our equipment! When you rent from TNT Rents the trailer you pick up will be safe and look like a new trailer! We want you to be proud of the trailer that you pull behind your truck! 

We Don't Play Games!

We don't play games at TNT rents. Unlike some of our competition that quote you a monthly rate they do not define what a month is. To us there are 12 months in a year and our rate is based on 12 payments per year. A "month" to some of our competitors is actually 4 weeks. If you bill every 4 weeks the rental customer ends up making 13 payments over a 12 month period. This is a little trick and a game that is played. NO GAMES here at TNT rents. You pay 12 times over a 12 month period. NOT 13! 

Another game that is played is mileage. Rental companies can charge from .05 to .09 cents per mile. In fairness they take care of the maintenance but the per mile charge is stacked in their favor. It is a trick they employ to make you think you are getting the cheapest rental rate and they make it up on mileage. 

Our rental payment is a set in stone flat rate. You are responsible for the trailer while you have it so any break downs, tire wear and brake wear would be on you. Keep in mind that because most of our fleet is still under factory warranty you only have to take care of the stuff you wear out or break. If it is a warranty issue we take care of that for you through the manufacturer’s warranty process. All we ask is that you bring it back in the same condition it left with the same amount of tire tree and brake depth and you will not have anything else to pay. If you are too busy to get damages fixed, tires and brakes brought up to when it left measurements, we will charge you only for what you used and to fix what you had damaged. No more no less, once again, no games played here! 

Our "Get Ready" Process

New trailers that come into our facilities have decals and mud flaps installed, get DOT inspected, all systems checked out to make sure they are correct before we send them out on rent. Used trailers go through the same processes as above but they require more attention. We inspect each trailer that is turned in, bill any damages back to the previous renter, bring tires and brakes up to at least 50%, straighten any bent rub rails, stake pockets, bumpers, flooring et cetera. We acid brighten the aluminum, replace any worn decals or reflective tape, touch up paint the steel components (or refinish all of the steel components if necessary) paint the wheels and make it as new as possible to protect our image and the image of the next rental customer. Once again we present the safest and cleanest rental trailers on the market. Image and Safety matter to us and I am sure to you as well!